Standard Operating Procedure

New Film: Standard Operating Procedure

There is a new documentary from film maker Errol Morris (Fog of War is the most recent film of his). It covers the Abu Grhaib prison scandal and exposes, as any good skeptic already knew, that it wasn't "a few bad apples" as Donald Rumsfeld had put it, but, in fact, the standard operating procedure for the place.

I-e-i-e-i-e. If I don't quit witht he exposes, I'll have the folks at the CIA, FBI and NSA getting my blog as an RSS feed...(They might already, even if I do sometime divert my attneiton to the Red Sox, my shoes and General Hospital...)

See the trailer here:

Listen to the movie review I heard that made me want to see it here:

Here's a deleted scene I found on YouTube. The last 15 seconds are...something else. Her anger and indignation. I need to see this movie: