Series: Epistles to Ikea - Dog Helps Owner Keep Pounds Off

Dear Ikea,

Despite the meal yesterday and the fact that I only exercised once last week, I have still been able to keep off those 20 lbs gained from mi loca autumn/winter. And, thanks to EFFING DAISY my dog, I will continue on this path because

SHE ATE ALL THE DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CRISPS we bought yesterday (94 calories each...). You know how chocolate is allegedly bad for dogs? Yeah, not for Daisy. She has guts of steel. She once at a whole box of Puopol o's Candies, and we all know how deliciously rich those candies are. (Though, come to think of it, it's been a while since I had one. If only I knew someone, if only I lived with someone who had regular access to that candy...)

So, instead of 3000 calories, only 300 calories were consumable (three were left untouched by her savagery.)

Looks like I've got yet another excuse to go back ASAP.

(Plus, I'm buying the effing loft bed, regardless of what my mother thinks and what--ahem--issues she has brought up for its downsides. Still can't believe it.)

Jag älskar dig!