Repost: Book Survey

Repost: Book Survey

August 28, 2006 @ 5:01 pm
I got tagged by Chris Rizzo.

1. What is a book that changed your life?
The Encyclopdeia Borwn series. Seriously! When I started reading those mystery novels in third grade, it was the first time I realized that I loved reading more than most other things.

2.What is a book you’ve read more than once?
Okay, parts of this answer is very un-academic, but it’s the truth. The two book series that I’ve read over and over are the Harry Potter and Bridget Jones. What can I say? I love British Pop Cuture. BUt I like British high culture, too, because I've re-read Jane Austen novels, too.

3. What is a book you’d want with you on a desert island? Here we finally get to a less pedantic answer: my copy of Wallace Fowlie's translation of Rimbaud: Complete Works, Selected Letters. There’s letters, there’s poetry, there’s essays, there’s everything. Cause if you’re on a desert island, you want a variety. And it’s bilingual, even.

4. What is a book that made you giddy? [Shrug.] I guess…let’s see, books that made me happy in a delighted way?
Well, there was Religion for a New Generation which had Margaret Maxey’s essay “Between Eve and Mary.” That made me giddy because I was so thrilled to put a glossary to my troubles with being raised as a Catholic. As I read, I nodded fervently the whole time.
I enjoyed teaching the Polyphemus section of the Odyssey, since it was the only time my classroom half full of ninth grade boys were collectively enthused about literature.
And finally, to bring it back to the British pop culture obsession, I love love love the days when I get the latest Georgia Nicholson book by Louise Rennison. It takes about 5 hours to read one and they’re just the funniest, zaniest little ditties. Sarcastic sunshine in a book.
5. What is a book that made you sad?
Lurlene McDaniel. Just kidding. I’ve never read a Lurlene McDaniel book, but I know, having worked at a high school library, that they’re made for sentimental teenage girls who like to cry about teenage death through cancer or such. What’s made me sad? I’m a big sensitive softy, so if a book’s supposed to have sad part, I cry at it. When I first read "Possessing the Secret of Joy", I cried practically from the beginning to the end.

6. What is a book you wish had been written? An unabridged capturing of Bernadette Mayer’s Memory creation/exhibit thingy thing from the 70s.

7. What is a book you wish had never been written?
Mein Kampf, I guess...

8. What is a book you’re currently reading? 1984 of all things. See previous posts about it’s uncanny-ness. In the newly updated version, I’ve heard the estate of Orwell would like to change the title to "The Life and Times of Karl Rove".

9. What is one book you’ve been meaning to read? Of the books on my shelf: Man on a Donkey, from Sadie, several Christmases ago...

10. Now tag five bloggers. Kara, Jenny, Rene, Greg and Chrissy.