Newbery Books (unpublished from yesterday)

Newbery Books

Yesterday, Kara emailed to say things were slow at work, so she found herself looking through the list of Newbery Award winners and honor books. I, too, looked over the list of Newbery Winners and, like, Kara, was surprised at how many I have read. Here they are, all my newly entered titles. It was a fun stroll down reading memory lane:

I really shouldn't have been so surprised at the length of the list. I mean, in college, for our adolescent literature class we had to read 20 YA books. Then I worked at an elementary school, and at Evil Big Book Store in the children's department, then as a high school teacher, then library asst, so why it surprised me that I could enter 40 more titles into my LibraryThing library really is surprising. (Groan. Why am I so lame?)

I had a sliver of time to kill yesterday (between getting dropped off at home from work by Al icia, only to be picked up by Vaness 35 minutes later after which we picked up Alicia. Honestly.) So, what better way to fill up time then by thinking about books from back in the day?

So, do you remember any of these? Did you hate them? Love them?

I think my favorite are the Konigsberg ones - View from Saturday first and Mixed Up Files second. Then Winn Dixie and Walk Two Moons. After that, Holes, the medieval tales Catherine Called Birdie and Midwife's Apprentice, and the Ramona books. Loath: Witch of Blackbird, Charlotte Doyle, When the Legends Die (and I had to teach that thing, too. Painful.) Too sad to ever re-read: Bridge to Terabithia, The Giver. Kinda boring: Sarah Plain and Tall.