-must -put -down Sense and Sensibility

Must Let Sense Win Out Over Sensibility For Now

Ha ha, I did pick up my Sense and Sensibility, just like I said I would. Edward! Engaged to Miss Lucy Steele! Imagine!

I finished volume one during lunch (breakfast, really -- I slept in; it's been a long long long week, particularly Thursday, which was the big Thesis Writing Day).

But really, I have to stop now. I can't go on to volume II just yet. For there is another tragic, cloistered, writing-genius spinster from the 1800s who I must now turn my attention to for the next week:

In particular, this little number right here:
Blazing in Gold and quenching in Purple
Leaping like Leopards to the Sky
Then at the feet of the old Horizon
Laying her spotted Face to die

Stooping as low as the Otter's Window
Touching the Roof and tinting the Barn
Kissing her Bonnet to the Meadow
And the Juggler of Day is gone
Beauty, ain't it?


Still, I wonder how it is that Elinor deals which such news...

Maybe I'll just read one more chapter.