The Quote That Grabbed Me

The Quote That Grabbed Me (first of many, I think)

The first quote that grabbed me upon my first thorough reading of Ponsot's article about Notley:

"writers and readers have enlarged their willingness to collaborate in making meaning."

I have to * that statement with "except certain people in academia..."

Because immediately I thought of someone from school, who had submitted to our first workshop several pages of an brain tickling work, generated from a class or talk or something like that, that she had had with Anselm Berrigan (circle of life!).

Two of our three wkshp ppl were like, "No-this doesn't work" or "The reader has no access point" or "You're asking the reader to do too much work."

Which is antithetical to Ponsot on Notley.

Though my fellow workshopper may be quiet, she does have confidence in her work, and therefore was resolved not to take such rigid responses to heart, but I just couldn't help noting the whole thing in this space.

(Could really make your head spin, the way these things connect and stuff...)