Library Thing Adventures Pt 1 - Library Thing Cover Contributions

Small Press / Chapbook/ Lit Mag Book Covers for Library Thing

I just uploaded the covers of the small press books with missing covers in my Library Thing Library. It was a busy work kind of task, but for the greater good, I think. Here are the images I uploaded on to Library Thing.

-The @tached Document (serial)

-Meditations on the Stations of Mansour Al-Hallaj

-Platinum Blonde (Ctrl+F:"michael carr" to find Kevin Killian's comments at this link)

-A Test of Solitude

-Counting on Zero

-Asterisk (serial)

-Boptrees (serial) (Holy Crap -$45.00!!! I got it from Baraka back in 1997 for $3.00)

-Then and Now

-Experiences (all the Un bureau sur l'Atlantique publications)

-Accompaniest (no link - v. v. old serial from UMO)

-In the Quells

Tonight is one of those nights when my brain is totally spent from work but I am restless instead of tired. I think a "tired brain and restless body" state is one of the most difficult states of being. I could read this that and the other thing - Lord knows the list of shoulds and musts for the reading list is looooooonnnggg - but after working on spreadsheets all day then going to a three hour meeting, I'm spent. At least for the first few hours out of work.

So, instead of reading, I did something a little more active. The cool thing about doing this was that I ended up seeing who else out there in Library Thing Land has these same small press books, then I invited them to be my LT friend. Good times.

Stay tuned for part two - exploring two new "I See Dead People['s Libraries]" libraries.