June Miller

July 3, 2006

When I first wrote about reading Anais Nin and Henry Miller, I asked, regarding Henry Miller's wife, June, “Who do I know that creates myths and mysteries to 'shield him- or herself from truths unwilling to face', like June Miller?” Because I knew I knew someone like that. I think we all do. People whose motto is "don't let the truth get in the way of a good story." There's something compelling about these obvious liars, which is why they end up the object of writers' work. These story tellers usually draw the attention of the crowd, too. Since they have the good stories, strangers and friends alike are drawn to them, even if knowingly hoodwinked.

And sometimes I feel like Anais, when she says she wants to protect June, shield her from…herself. But we can't be our friend's babysitters, or protectors. The only thing we outsiders can do is assure our own protection from their drama. Because people like this, just as they are always charismatic, are often drama queens. Sometimes you just have to let them be who they are, mythic mysteries and all.