Book Recommendation - Elizabeth the Queen

Elizabeth the Queen by Alison Weir

A while back, my good friend Kara sent me a bunch of Alison Weir history-of-the-Tudors books. I was watching the BBC 70s miniseries on Elizabeth I at the time. (I had borrowed it from the beautiful Old Town Public Library.)

I have been reading Elizabeth the Queen on and off for about a year now, and just finished it. I thought it would help me get to bed. Except that this history book moves along so fast, reading a lot like a soap opera, so it was hard to put down at night.

Elizabeth is quite the historical figure. She was complicated. I can't say I was happy when, at the end of the book, the last "success" of her reign was defeating the Irish. But, Ireland, the Irish and Irish descendants seem to have turned things around. (See: JFK)

Despite all the complications, the decidedly non-democratic ruling, and the oppression of the Irish - to name a few tyrannical ickies about QEI- I still think she was one of the best world rulers ever. I mean, it's been over 400 years and they're still writing books and movies about her and her family. That in itself is something.

As to Alison Weir, I think she does a fantastic job of weaving story, time, facts and details. I marvel at the daunting task of putting a compelling, cohesive book like that together.