A Comment about Staking Your Claim

In response to a different part of the post than the one I just blurbed, this woman posted this comment:

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Which, as someone who's been floating around for a long time, I can tell you that you get kicked around pretty hard without a means to defend yourself - without a claim to stake for WHY you're doing WHAT you're doing. They're going to pick on you whether you stake a claim on it or not - at least if you have a claim to stake, you have a better way to shield yourself from the peoples who tell the kid he's doing legos all wrong.

I think of a friend whose work is so different from others at the program, but in a very very good way. And she doesn't care either. She is confident in her poetry, but that doesn't make her anymore confident in her place in the world of. It's a struggle, whether you can say why you're doing what you're doing or not. However, if you can say "whatever it is that makes you so certain that this is wrong, you need not share that with me; I know what I'm doing because..." and then stake your claim, you're better off. They - the naysayers - are less vicious when called out, I think.