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FYI - I Just got this from my current school (USM) about a conference at my alma mater (UMaine)

National Poetry Foundation Summer Conference Announced: Poetry of the 1970sI will probably be attending, since Bernadette Meyers is one of my favorites. I wrote about her before in this blog at some point... Also, it'd be nice to go back to my roots for a while. Even if Sylvester, my poetry teacher from college, won't be there. He passed away back in December, which I also wrote about here, I believe.

Anyway, here's the info. And if you are a friends from the Orono area reading this - thanks in advance for the use of your couch during these days... Ha ha. (For real though.)
Dear Friends on the NPF,

Though we at the National Poetry Foundation have had to weather a hard
season of loss in these past few months, we are nevertheless pressing
ahead with plans for our summer conference on The Poetry of the 1970s.

We are very pleased to announce that Bruce Andrews, Rae Armantrout,
Nicole Brossard, Clark Coolidge, Jayne Cortez, and Bernadette Mayer
have agreed to give plenary poetry readings. And we expect to have more
good news on that front in the coming days.

The Conference will take place June 11-15, 2008, here at the University
of Maine. It will be similar in shape and scope to previous "decade"
conferences, but will also feature some innovations. For instance,
we'll be collaborating for the first time with both the UMaine Museum
of Art and the Colby College Museum of Art to bring the visual arts
into the mix. And we'll have a videographer on hand not just to
document the plenary proceedings, but also to do studio sessions
intended for future webcasting with the many poets (and poet-scholars)
who will be in attendance. We'll be making a more concerted use of new
media and web resources than in the past. And we expect that a variety
of NPF print publications will grow out of the Conference as well.
Naturally, a celebration of the lives and accomplishments of Sylvester
Pollet and Burton Hatlen is being planned in conjunction with our
traditional lobster banquet.

We invite paper and panel proposals on all aspects of poetic practice
in the Seventies. We also seek scholars and writers who would be
willing to serve as panel Chairs. Special registration rates are
available for graduate students, independent, and international

Proposal guidelines can be found here:

We will begin considering proposals on February 15th. The deadline for
proposals is March 31, 2008. Proposals, along with any queries about
the proposal process, should be sent electronically to

Steven dot Evans at Maine dot Edu (or by reply to this message)

More information about the Conference is available at our recently
revamped website:

The site is set up to facilitate on-line registration for the
Conference. As an incentive for early registration, we will be offering
discounts on NPF journal subscriptions and books.

On-campus accommodations are available at a reasonable rate through the
NPF. We'd also be happy to advise conference participants as to other
nearby lodging options and to offer tips on traveling to and from the
Bangor area.

We appreciate your help in spreading the word about this Conference and
hope you'll seriously consider joining us this summer in Orono!

On behalf of the Conference Steering Committee consisting of Carla
Billitteri, Benjamin Friedlander, Jennifer Moxley, and myself, all best

Steve Evans

* * * *
Associate Professor of English
Graduate Studies Coordinator
New Writing Series Coordinator
NPF Editorial Collective Member