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Ye Olde Bloggens are re-posts of old blogs
by Bridget Eileen - Writer in Providence, Rhode Island 

The following post was originally posted on one of Bridget Eileen’s old blogs: In the Pines, Neophyte Poetics, Bridget Eileen’s Commonplace Book, Dreaming Bridge Designs or A Vegetarian Notebook. They aren’t all fancy with photos and subheadings and search descriptions, or even that much content, sometimes. They’re here for posterity, because it’s fun to read the archives!

June 29, 2006
We’re all bringing books to swap down the Cape this weekend. I'll have too lok through the pile to see what I can bring. Meanwhile, I’m reading “The Diary of Anais Nin” right now. I'm not sure it's a "beach"' read, but I like it very much. I just read her entry contrasting her writing with Henry Miller’s. What was the adjective she used? I’ll expound later.