Wicked Good Book

I got the best book for 69 cents at the Christmas Tree Shops. (New Englander's bargain hunting phenomenon. If you like bargain shopping, perhaps an excursion is needed if you ever come to New England. Click on the link. They're slogan is "Don't You Just Love a Bargain?")

It is : "Dawson's Creek: Major Meltdown" by someone mysteriously named "K. S. Rodriguez".

My mom asked, "Why on earth are you buying that?" to which I replied, "So I can see how these books are written - like, 'What not do to' sort of thing." It's so much a non-book book that it doesn't even have an ISBN on the back. Just a UPC.

If you don't believe me about it being bad (though I'm sure you do), here is a choice passage:
"If only he could forget all about her. Meeting new people with Pacey would be a step in the right direction, he figured, but he knew deep in his heart that it would take more than that to erase his feelings for Joey."

Regardless of its worthlessness, there still exists a full entry for it in WorldCat. Here are its subject headings:
Imagine the librarian that took the time to enter this information into a Spectrum or MARC record or whatever type software/method was used?

Massachusetts libraries carry it, but I entered the Orono zip code into WorldCat and, tragically, no Maine libraries carry it. Maybe I could donate it to one of them when I'm up at school next week.

Some poor stuck-in-the-mid-90s kid in Maine (obv. in the County, where things are slower) would have to travel all the way to Danvers for a crack at this. Unless the SoPo Christmas Tree Shops also carried copies.

Isn't that so sad?

You know what else is sad? That this K. S. Rodriguez person is so ashamed of writing this book he/she has to use his/her initial, or what is more likely a full on pen name for the author name.

Let me go see if there's other works by K. S.

Well, I couldn't find any biographical information on K.S. But I did find this great author bio wesite for children's literature called "Jacket Flap" (http://www.jacketflap.com/). Lets see what happens back in WorldCat...

Oh my. K. S. is bizzy bizzy. Twenty-three entries! Just look! Other gems include biographies on Will Smith and Backstreet Boys, some books about dinosaurs and about Jesus (though as all good Christians know, there were no dinosaurs, so how does he/she justify such diametrically opposing topics approached in his/her authorship?) There's even a whole series of other Dawson's Creek books!

Hmmm...Why is Paula Cole in my head right now?

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