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First, I have to say that you know it's been a long day at the cubicle when you get a shoulder cramp from your mousework. Now that that's out of the way...
It's Music Time!!!!

Can we have a moment of silence for my old laptop? Laptop, you were a great resource. You helped me launch this blog, learn Adobe CS2, get the fifty jobs I've had since I moved back to Massachusetts, do my first semester of homework for graduate school and manage my photos and music, and all while helping me get the latest information on things like General Hospital, politics, the Red Sox and the where abouts of my college crushes (the ones that are easily Google-able because they play semi pro sports).

Thanks, old laptop. I will miss you.
Onward. No tears.

So, since my laptop died, I've squatted my mom's second laptop, the broken one. (Seriously, who needs two laptops?) Slowly but surely I've been uploading things like manuscripts for novels I'll never finish, photos from Wine Parties at Sadie and Jay's and today, iTunes.

Hi again, iTunes. I missed you. How are you? Oh, you've got updates for my iPod? Yes, yes you may perform them. Thank you for asking. No I don't want this new library to go in the iPod. Yes, I would like you to add all my purchases to this computer. I didn't know you could do that! Phew!

Wow, I purchased quite a bit of music this past year! I should blog about that!

All right, that's enough for this post. Let's do a little series of New to Me Music from 2007. See the next post for more.