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Ye Olde Bloggens are re-posts of old blogs
by Bridget Eileen - Writer in Providence, Rhode Island 

The following post was originally posted on one of Bridget Eileen’s old blogs: In the Pines, Neophyte Poetics, Bridget Eileen’s Commonplace Book, Dreaming Bridge Designs or A Vegetarian Notebook. They aren’t all fancy with photos and subheadings and search descriptions, or even that much content, sometimes. They’re here for posterity, because it’s fun to read the archives!

In the previous blogs, I began discussing "Music That's New to Me in 2007", purchased from iTunes this year, and all the little stories and links that go along with it. Consider it a tome to new and old music alike and the glory of having it all at your fingertips thanks to the magic of iTunes.

Dean Martin "Baby It's Cold Outside" because its Mom's favorite and I was making her a Christmas CD. My favorite version is Louis Armstrong, but Mom's favorite is Dean Martin, so that's what she got. I also like it when the girl in Elf sings it. Did you see that "Wizard of Oz" spin-ff on Sci Fi channel featuring The Girl in Elf as a Dorothy-like person? I saw the middle of it, then decided to wait for the re-run of the whole thing before watching the conclusion. It was good.

Otis Redding "White Christmas" because it is my all time favorite Christmas song ever - #1) I love Otis Redding. Really, how could you not? The soul. Remember that episode of Sex and the City during Fleet Week and it end with "Try a Little Tenderness"? Otis Redding is applicable to all romantic situations, hence reason #2) It's the featured song during the montage/tie-in moments of one of my favorite movies, Love Actually. Remember? When my husband, Colin Firth, decides to ditch the family Christmas party and fly to Portugal to get together with that cute girl, Aurelia? Oh God, I love that movie.

Prince The Very Best of Prince which isn't Christmas-y by any means. However, I did purchase this after the Super Bowl last year (this year, last year's season). Remember the sheet and the phallic guitar playing? That Prince is way messed up but way talented. So, even though this isn't a Christmas thing, it's a winter purchase and can fall under the umbrella ella ella.

More tomorrow or so...