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In the previous two blogs, I began discussing "Music That's New to Me in 2007", purchased from iTunes this year, and all the little stories and links that go along with it. Consider it a tome to new and old music alike and the glory of having it all at your fingertips thanks to the magic of iTunes.

Corinne Bailey Rae Corine Bailey Rae-Rarities plus the single "Like a Star" - because I heard the "Like a Star" song on an episode of Medium and loved it. CBR was also on Studio 60 when they had enough in their budget for actual musicians
Can we have a moment of silence for Studio 60? And if you're like me and very concerned about the welfare of the cast members of Studio 60, fear not. D L Hughley is touring again. We just missed him at the Comedy Connection. Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry have endless revenue from re-runs and DVD releases of their gigantically huge shows. The guy from Wings looks as though he may become a regular on Brothers and Sisters as a love object for the bitchy sister from 6 Feet Under. Amanda Peet has been in movies galore. Sara Paulson's filming a movie. The British girl who was in the original "The Office" was in the original "The Office" so she permanently kicks ass and...I think that's everyone, right? Well, all the important people who don't DUMP SOMEONE ON VALENTINE'S DAY. -- And to answer your question: No. No, I will not ever get over it. Ever. And I'm still very sorry, old boyfriend, for making out with that guy when I was supposed to be going out with you the year after the dumping occurred. How could I cheat on him with a tool like that guy? The high school BF was such a nice boy who gave me such a great Valentine's Day the year after that tool BROKE UP WITH ME ON VALENTINES DAY. I don't know. I was 16. Capriciousness and hormones abound. Reasoning does not. My sincerest apologies. (You know why it bugs me so much? Because I still think he's cute, despite all his toolishness. And when I heard him on that godforsaken episode of MY RADIO SHOW, Fresh Air, I was thinking, "If I met him today, I'd have a crush." Friends from high school would be vomiting right now if they read my blog. They find him repulsive. Do we blame them? How would you feel about someone who asked you to your prom, not his, while helping you up off the concrete tennis court after you got knocked in the head? They should have said "yes" only because it would have meant she'd get closer to her high school crush, who was close to that guy. Oh the drama. Regardless, the point is that he's still cute to me. Ugh. I gotta shake this habit of crushes on the unworthy dweeb. I don't understand how my brain works sometimes.)
Tangent over. Back to the music...