A Prairie Home Companion Snobbery

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A Prairie Home Companion: It’s My Show
So, my anti-NPR, pro-Country Music little sister came home for dinner the other night and declared she wanted to see "that new Lindsey Lohan movie with all the actors in it."
I was livid.
"You mean 'A Prairie Home Companion'?" I asked.
"Yeah, that one."
"Do you even know what Prairie Home Companion IS?"
"A movie."
"No. It's not a 'movie.' It's a SHOW on NPR. And you can't just go see the movie because Lindsey Lohan's in it. You don't even know. I know. I have been listening to Prairie Home for years. YEARS. And you just decide you're going to see the movie. Whatever. What-ever. You can't just go see my show without knowing what it is. You can't. That's just, just wrong. Oh God. This means little teeny-boppers all over are going to be seeing my show. This is so wrong. Whatever. What-ever."
My mother cocked her head to the side and looked at me funny. "Are you serious?"
I took a few breaths and thought about it.
Later that night, we heard David Edelstein on Fresh Air (an NPR program, obviously) review of PHC The Movie. He called PHC elistism masked as folksie humor.
Ding ding ding!!! You win a prize for unveiling my truth.
At least I admit my problem.