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Ye Olde Bloggens are re-posts of old blogs
by Bridget Eileen - Writer in Providence, Rhode Island 

The following post was originally posted on one of Bridget Eileen’s old blogs: In the Pines, Neophyte Poetics, Bridget Eileen’s Commonplace Book, Dreaming Bridge Designs or A Vegetarian Notebook. They aren’t all fancy with photos and subheadings and search descriptions, or even that much content, sometimes. They’re here for posterity, because it’s fun to read the archives!

Warm - beads in warm tones (one of my favorite creations!)Warm is made from all warm colors, hence the name. :) If you're looking for gold fashion jewelry, this is a really unique way to get it. Warm has square golden glass beads with red dodecahedron (see, ninth grade geometry can come in handy some day...) costume beads and brown wooden beads. I like to mix materials and create the prettiest design by look, not necessarily by materials.