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My Absolute Favorite Book
It's called "Appropriate Utilization of Antimicrobials for the Treatment of Community Acquired Respiratory Tract Infection" and it is not my favorite book. Is it anyone's? Well, may be it's Dr. Gregory A. Volturo, MD, Professor of Emergency Medicine at UMass med school.
I've created a poem, taking words or phrases from the introduction and the first section of the book. The is titled
"Appropriate Utilization of Antimicrobials for the Treatment of Community Acquired Respiratory Tract Infections" Is Actually a Form of Spy Communication about Iraqi War Protesters and Immigrants' Rights Supporters and Instead of Going to Bed Tonight I Cracked the Code, Just Like Robert Langdon
Acute sex visits morbity
And, in some case, mortality
Agents for empiric regimens
Utilize international surveillance
From all the countries
Inappropriate dissemination of jails
Exert an alteration in cell walls
Successful management is becoming more difficult
There was a dramatic rise
In the United States
Enteric and clinical cohorts
With invasive knowledge of resistance
Continued on target sites
(Binding generally confers
Inhibitory resistance)
The United States
Encodes actively,
This mechanism
Isolates in many
Regions of the world,
Under greater scrutiny.
Despite this
Some failures control
Debatable relationships and
Pump resistance
Cultures result
Primarily from mutations in the genes
Mutants of clonal dissemination
The Canadian experience
The United States' widespread use of
Borderline presence
Diminished overall class,
Becoming common
Resistance remains rare
Although the prevalence of
Reservoirs for literature develop
Suggesting that a contraindication
And a better understanding
Will reduce the opportunity
To spread.