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Rain Makes Me Blank
By blank I guess I mean "ennui." (See the photo of Charles Baudelaire, French Symbolist poet and ultimate purveyor of ennui.) I slept too late today because I thought of too many things I needed to do on my one day off and that made me tired. Funny.
I feel like Mon-Wed are just vacuous days of ugh. Then Thursday-Sunday are so busy it's overwhelming. How do I balance this? I don't know.
I hate the perpetual rain. Rain makes me feel so blah. This, I guess, crossing Seattle off my list of potential places to move once I get done with here. [18 months later I've totally changed my story! They have a great library school!]
I need to think outside the US box, I believe. I wouldn't want to go somewhere so touristy as Kilarney or something, but I would like to go to some place English-speaking. I wonder if Glasgow or Edinburgh is rainy? I could find my third cousins, if any are trackable from John Watson and Stella Stevenson- Watson.
Speaking of names, if you take the street I first lived on and the name of my first pet, my name would be Cleopatra Verchild, which is just awesome. I've been thinking about pen names because I might write greeting cards. I wouldn't want my real name attached to that sentimental bull-poo.

November Rain was an awesome video