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Dude, Library Thing has been down for like fourteen million days now. Okay, it's more like four, but it feels worse because I have needed to use it.

It's how I manage my bibliography for skizule.

I have also made some purchases, some of which I shall discuss via blog maintenant as a means of unwinding. I really should be in bed and all but I have so much to do and all, I'm having a hard time and all. (Thus ends the pointless mini-tribute to Holden. I really mean it. No kidding.)

Aujord'hui I bought un biographique du...guess...guess! Oui! C'est vrai. Mon petite amie (get it? b/c he's a switch-hitter and all) Arthur Rimbaud!

It is titled "Presence of an Enigma" by Jean-Luc Steinmetz. It has a very comprehensive index, which makes it appealing. Like if I'm reading "En Saison Enfer" I can look that up and get the details on the sordid affair avec Verlaine. Or if I'm re-reading "Les Premieres Communions" I can go to the early biography section and read about how much good ol Arty wasn't feelin' the love when it came to the boring old suburbs and the hypocritical religious folk. (Is it any wonder I aime him?)

I got a book that's more sophisticated than a regular thesaurus, which gave me the word I've been trying to think of all day; a sure sign to purchase. ("Instill", for the curious.)

I got a filthy jokes book for Dad for Father's Day. I figure we can read them to each other around the pool next week.

Oh, and even though it's old, a lot of the style rules still apply, so I got the Turabian guide for papers. I mean, I never have to use Chicago anyway, but I do like her tips and whatnot.

Ca va. Je dormerais (is that am going? should I have taken off the -er?) maintenant. A demain. Ou, si je suis tres fatigue le demain, alors je ecriverais a jeudi ou vendredi. Vous ne regardez pas parce que apres dimanche, je ne ecrive pas pour la semaine. Aaahh, le sable rose du Bermuda. Ici je vien. (That's probably not a French idiom but oh well.)