A Blurb about the Movie Knocked Up

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Still from the movie "Knocked Up" with Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann,
and Mann & Judd Apatow's two daughters, who were also characters in the film 

The ubiquitous Ryan Seacrest was doing some shameless self-promotion of the movie "Knocked Up" because he has a cameo appearance. So, Chrissy and I decided to go see it.

See if this premise sounds familiar: a pretty blonde with a nice body who is in her 20s and works in television accidentally gets pregnant. Hmmmm....Where have I heard of this? Hmmmm.... I think my dear bff up in Maine should sue.

Anyway, Bob Mondello, of NPR was just in love with this movie and for good reason. It is hysterical. I literally clapped during one part I just thought it was so so so funny and just--I mean, I can't believe that was even in a movie.

But my favorites were the little kids in the movie, who happen to be director and writer Judd Apatow's children, Iris and Maude (cute names, cute kids). The older one (I'm not sure who's who and IMDB isn't very forthcoming with the biographies) was so funny. Her scenes, like most of the other scenes, were partially improvised, which makes her performance even more impressive. Favorite line from her: "I googled 'murder'."

I knew it was going to be a good night because when we got tot the movies it turned out my sister got popcorn with "butter." After getting some grease on my hands, I asked if she brought napkins. She hadn't. All of the sudden a napkin popped up over the shoulder of the guy in front of us (sitting alone, btw). Isn't that nice of him? It was funny, too.

So, yeah, go see "Knocked Up."

A note 12 years later:

Isn't it funny how Heigel has kind of disappeared and the actor who's endured through time the most is Paul Rudd? Don't forget to see the spin off movie from Knocked Up, "This is 40."