If you've never been to Fenway: part 2, before the game

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The following post was originally posted on one of Bridget Eileen’s old blogs: In the PinesNeophyte PoeticsBridget Eileen’s Commonplace BookDreaming Bridge Designs or A Vegetarian Notebook. They aren’t all fancy with photos and subheadings and search descriptions, or even that much content, sometimes. They’re here for posterity, because it’s fun to read the archives!

For this post, all of the photos were from a photo storage site that I no longer use, so the photos no longer appear. Very sad!

Inside Fenway: pre-game photos

This is what it looks like under the stands. Notice the hustle and bustle. These signs are new but made to look old. I like them despite their inauthenticity. From the new Jordan's consession stand area behind 3rd base, you can look out on to Lansdowne Street. If you're ever confused about where to go, just read these helpful seat signs, which make complete and total sense. After meandering through the frantic rush and purchasing Sams for 725 each (seriously!), we finally made out way to our seats. This is the first glimpse of the paHk.
Then we got to our seats and looked out on the field. Take a look at these glorious views. Is there anything more magical than Fenway?
Don and Jerry were just raving about the crew the other night, so here's my tribute to them. Thanks for getting the field ready, grounds-crewmen. After the Dana Hall School Chamber Singers performed the anthem, the game began.

Stay tuned for the next Fenway entry, dedicated to some choice fans in the crowd.