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This Blog is a "Neo-Daybook" So to Speak

[Note: This was the original post from my previous called "Bridget Eileen's Commonplace Book." The posts from "Bridget Eileen's Commonplace Book" were comprised of my criticial thesis project from my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, on the subject of the "close reading," along with posts from my very first blog--started in 2006--called "In the Pines." From 2010 to 2018, this blog was a collection of short posts on a wide variety of subjects, just like an old fashioned commonplace book. In 2018, all posts were brought over to this site,, my online arts and culture notebook.]

This blog first began as a site for my third semester project for my MFA in creative writing. In the third semester, students are required to do a critical thesis. Though this was the semester I focused far less on my own creative writing, I think it was the most important of my semesters, and even time in my life, as far as my "growth as a writer" as they say. That's why the former blog address was ""

After completion of the project on "a close reading of poetry" I continued to post here about poetry, books, literature, paintings, museums, libraries, theatre, films and even television. I've since imported all related blog posts from my old general blog "In the Pines" and posted them here so that everything that might fall under a loose definition of "Art" (and when it comes to blog posts about my favorite tacky commercials, I mean very loose). I've also imported all the posts from my old blog that was strictly my creative writing and added them here instead, so my own work is sometimes featured here. (Please consider everything you read a draft!)

I hope you like the blog and it informs you one way or another about artsy stuff.