Epistles to Ikea: Letter 2 Flarke shelves

Epistles to Ikea, II
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(Friday May 26, 2006 )
Dear Ikea,
What’s up? n/m/h
Big weekend coming up for you, what with the long weekend and all. I think I’ll be coming back in two weeks, when I get a rather large paycheck. I need some wall-mounted shelves and shoe wracks. I also need to have more time to see all of the showroom on the second floor. Now that American Idol is over, I won’t have anyone rushing me through the store like last time.
Now, for today, I wanted to gush about my new shelves. I purchased the “Flarke.” (Readers, please be aware that there is supposed to be an umlat over the “a” in “flarke”). They were only 19.99. I got three.
Flarke is so inexpensive because the back isn’t made of wood or wood-products. It is made of corrugated white plastic. You hammer the plastic back onto the shelves after you assemble the shelves. (Stay tuned for the assembly epistle.) Yes, that’s cheap but it actually looks really cool.
My Flarke was the five-shelf Flarke. It’s very tall– about six feet. If I wanted to, in a pinch, I could put books on the top shelf. For now, I am just putting decorations.
It feels good to have a place to put all of my books. The Flarke looks sleek in my bedroom.
Thanks again for your inexpensive yet sophisticated shelving units.
Much love,
Bridget (or Brigitta, which is the Swedish form of my name)