An Arts Notebook by Bridget Eileen Madden

An Arts Notebook by Bridget Eileen is an arts and culture blog. This site covers diverse topics such as:
  • Literature, Books, and Poetry
  • Writing, Journaling, and Communications
  • Entertainment, Theater, Music, Burlesque, and Cabaret
  • Visual Art, Vintage Style Decor, and Crafts
  • Vegetarianism, Herbalism, and Foodie Things
  • Travel, Tourist Attractions, Museums, and other Cultural Sites
  • Current Events, Politics, and Feminism
Additionally, the site has archives of past entries from the now-retired blogs: Bridget Eileen's Commonplace Book, Dreaming Bridge Designs jewelry-making site, vegetarian recipes and vegetarian diet commentary from A Vegetarian Notebook, and Vintage Bridge (vintage-bridge.com, the former name of the website). You can also follow Bridget Eileen across all social media at AnArtsNotebook, especially on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be forewarned, though, that twitter.com/anartsnotebook is essentially a Ted Lasso stan account at this point, but sometimes she also tweets about Jane Austen and Tori Amos.
For the latest news about publications, poetry readings, and any other affiliated creative and writing/communications work that Bridget Eileen is part of, go to Bridget-Eileen.com.
Thanks for visiting An Arts Notebook. Hope you enjoy!